Gospel Duck

Age Appropriate Faith-Filled Pre-school through Elementary  


This adorable little character has captured the hearts of millions of children around the world!

Gospel Duck helps build their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to succeed in life no matter what! He teaches them that their faith is POWERFUL regardless of their age. Gospel Duck brings salvation, healing, strength, and courage in our present culture. Even how to overcome hurtful words and bullies!

His CDs and DVD are available in our store. Get some for your children, grandchildren, and to give to the neighborhood kids.

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Check out our online store for his 5 musical adventures, plus his child protection CD "Staying Safe". Which has a bonus track with Gospel Duck reciting the 91st Psalm of Protection for kids to know they are safe and God is watching over them.

5 Musical Adventures:

  • "Gospel Duck & the Time Machine" Crazy Fun Gospel Duck hits the button on the time-machine and is transported to the beginning of creation and takes us all through the coolest bible events.

  • "Gospel Duck Goes to the Zoo" On this fun adventure at the zoo Gospel Duck meets many talking animals, his favorite being Rodney the Rapping Rino. So many fun faith-filled lessons.

  • "Gospel Duck Goes to School" Daily life changes when Gospel Duck goes to school for the first time, he quickly learns there is nothing to be afraid about. He meets new friends and loves his new teacher Mrs. Haverty. He learns from his teacher that even though his mom and dad are divorced that it is not his fault through the powerful song "Your Not To Blame".

  • "Gospel Duck Goes to Camp" Gospel Duck goes to Camp and has so much fun. He learns about forgiveness and feeding his faith.

  • "The Original Gospel Duck" Where Gospel Duck finds Jesus and his life is transformed.

Also available are scripture/confession cards and a matching audio cd version with the Duck himself reading them to the children.

"Duck Praise" and "Bedtime Anytime Stories" are also available to bless the children in your life.


about our amazing Gospel Duck

"This past spring my granddaughter (who was 2 1/2 at the time) and I were singing down the road with the music. All of a sudden, I saw flashing lights behind me and got pulled over for speeding. Now how do you explain to the officer that we were jamming with Gospel Duck? I did say that we were having our music time and it got a little out of hand. After a few minutes of deliberation, he came back and gave me a solid warning to drive carefully while singing, and quiet my music as I had a baby in the car. The next song that played was "Angels Watching Over Me".  Also, one night I went to bed not feeling well. In the middle of the night, while asleep my spirit began to sing "I am healed, I am whole" and worshipped my Lord during the night. That song is from the "Gospel Duck Goes to Camp" CD. I woke up perfectly healed.

Gospel Duck is NOT just for kids!

— Shari Hunt

Gospel Duck has become a huge part of our lives and I am so grateful that my kids do not even realize they are learning but they simply are just having fun! It is a powerful way to re-enforce the Love of God into their lives with real applicable lessons. Our favorites are "Gospel Duck and the Time Machine" and "Staying Safe"!

— Rebecca Eubanks
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