The revelation found in this remarkable book will awaken the spiritual YOU, breathe divine energy into every level of your being, and unlock the life that your heart has been desperately hungering for.

We live in an ever-revealing cosmos, teeming with the frequencies of life, bombarding you and affecting your emotions, your moods, your mind, and even your physical body.

Come with me on this journey. Open up your whole being to the Divine Orchestrator and experience the "Supernatural Power of Music."


Len has authored his long-awaited book, "The Supernatural Power of Music, a Quantum Leap into Worship." This dynamic work is packed with layers of revelation.

Len studies the relationship between music, the world of science, and the realm of the Spirit.

Prepare to be uplifted and transported to a new level of awareness in faith, music, and quantum physics!

Len Mink

As Len sings and teaches around the globe, he brings the fresh, authentic presence of God wherever he goes and ushers in spontaneous praise, deep worship and life-changing breakthrough. He has become a beloved worship leader to believers all over the world.

He has also served as the lead worshiper for Kenneth Copeland meetings worldwide for decades.

Len and Cathy have their own daily television program on the TCT television network. The program, called Len & Cathy, is seen in 173 countries, and on DIRECTV channel 377.

Len also has a powerful ministry to children through his Gospel Duck series. These dynamic tools are designed to empower children with the Word of God and the authority of the believer.

At 21 years old, Len began his television career with his own weekly, prime-time television production and was the featured soloist in thirty-two pop

s concerts with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. He made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Merv Griffin Show and many others.

Despite his successful career in show business, Len felt empty. In 1971, the Holy Spirit began to move at his CBS television studio in Cincinnati. Ken Bagwell, Arthur Blessitt and Father Tom Turnbull were instrumental in bringing Len into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that filled that void and plunged him into a new life of genuine excitement and peace.

Shortly after that, Len was shocked to be diagnosed with a terminal blood disease. A fan came to the hospital and brought him Kathryn Kuhlman’s book “I Believe in Miracles”. Len found out that healing is God’s will. As he began to praise God and rejoice he was miraculously healed. And his doctors gave him a clean bill of health, finding no further trace of the blood disease. Len later had the honor of singing in many of Miss Kulhman’s meetings.


What People are saying!


Annette Capps

After many discussions with Len Mink on this subject (which certainly whetted my appetite), the eagerly awaited time has arrived and I am more than ready to read this book!


Cathy Mink

This is not just a book but everything Len has studied and researched, as one of the world's leading Psalmists for decades. He has put heart and soul into every page! It is a must read!


Rebecca Eubanks

"Len's book has given me a deeper understanding of just how incredibly vast our God is and the deep wonder of how He created this world. Frequency is in us and every living creature. I am more accountable for what I put into my body and the words I speak. It is life-changing!"

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