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Cathy Mink

In addition to being on the cutting edge of television broadcasting, Cathy brings the strong message of the overcoming lifestyle of faith, all over the world. Her easy to understand style of communication, makes the word of God come alive – imparting faith, hope, confidence and success in God.

“No one has to stay in addiction, depression, lack or defeat! The word of God and Jesus Christ has made a way out!”

Cathy is a graduate of Ohio State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Cathy is also graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center.

Gloria Copeland is my most excellent mentor! She is a mighty women of God, filled with the Word and faith. Her teaching gift has blessed millions around the world as well as her books. Seeing her behind the scenes of the ministry for so many years, conducting herself with such high integrity, and living exactly what she teaches, has blessed and inspired me beyond measure!

Cathy Opening Trump Rally With Prayer

The church of Jesus Christ should lead the way in the morality of the United States of America!

America is the only nation in the world founded on the worship of God, and his Son, Jesus Christ. Our founding fathers used the spiritual principles found in the scriptures to form the foundation for the Constitution and for the Declaration of Independence.

Let’s stand up and BE BOLD – no longer should the Church be a “silent majority”. Let our voice be heard to change the world!

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