Supernatural Power of Music teaching by Len Mink

For many years Psalmist and lead worshiper Len Mink, has been probing deeply into the realm of the spirit laying hold of the many amazing facets of the heart of God and presenting them to the world both in lyric and psalm. After decades of partnering with the Holy Spirit and bringing people everywhere into a rich worship experience, Len has penned his first book, the Supernatural Power of Music – A Quantum Leap Into Worship. This book marries the worlds of spirit and science together into an electrifying collection of revelations that promise to bring God’s fullness into every reader’s life. Music heals, penetrates, changes and brings power and peace. As a pre-release appetizer, to the new book, Len is making his teaching cd on this subject available immediately. This recording will stir your heart for worship and expand the awe-inspiring realities of God’s omniscience and power releasing his abilities into your life. The book will be available summer of 2019 but the introductory cd is available NOW. Order the CD now and get on our newsletter for future book updates. Experience the supernatural power of music!!



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