From Trouble to Triumph Psalm 46 by Len Mink

PSALM 46:1-2

1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

2a “therefore we will not fear…”

Psalm 46 is often called “a song of Holy Confidence.” It has been quoted and sung since it’s ancient Hebrew birth by everyone from Martin Luther to JS Bach and even Shakespeare.

Written by temple worship leaders, the sons of Kora, it is thought to bring to mind David’s victory over the Philistines and is directed to be sung and played in a high-pitched register to underscore the intensity of joy over our victories in God.

In verse 1 and the beginning of verse 2, we see several key words that reveal the true depth and meaning of this collection of supernatural verbal and musical frequencies.

As always, the original Hebrew brings the heart of God to life for the reader. Here are the Hebrew meanings.

God – Elohim, the almighty supreme God, the God of all God’s, the unbegun one, the power over all other powers.

Refuge – shelter, place of trust & hope, confidence, and surety.

Strength – force, backup, security, praise, boldness.

Help – Aid, protection, coming to the rescue, bodyguard.

Trouble – a narrow tight place filled with sharp points, anguish, distress, sorrow.

In the English dictionary trouble (noun) is defined as; an effort that is inconvenient, a source of difficulty, an event causing stress or pain, an angry disturbance “riot” a strong feeling of anxiety.

Trouble (verb) to cause bodily injury, to make sick, disturbed, uneasy, worried, alarmed, to cause inconvenience or discomfort.

Fear – I will not have faith in a negative outcome or reverence any form of death or terror!

Selah – a musical rest, pause or suspension.

The most literal Hebrew definition I have found is,  God is inviting me into his dwelling “presence”

“Come in, hang your coat on a peg on the wall, sit down in the rocking chair and take time to value the full meaning of what you have heard.  Slow down and weigh carefully and contemplate the meaning, allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal deep insight and revelation.”

Five episodes on how to move from trouble to triumph as found in Psalm 46!!

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Selah! Len

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