Who is the KING of your life?

FEAR Tolerated is FAITH Contaminated!

Fear of death is the master fear, the mother load of all fear. In a kingdom, subjects are dominated by the King. If fear is king, we are being dominated. If we are being dominated, only what the king decrees will be manifested.

When fear is present our dreams and faith goals will remain unrealized. It will cause inner frustration and outer expressions of continuous defeat will govern us. It creates toxicity in our struggle and will discourage onlookers who desperately need answers for their own lives.

The yoke of fear is broken by the anointing, the tangible power of God upon every facet of the human condition. We are all spiritually obligated to resist anything from which we have been delivered!

There is a level of suffering from this. Our suffering is the temptation to give up our faith!  Fear is twisted faith! It is faith in failure. It is still faith, but faith attached to death.  Faith runs to God, never runs from God.  Faith comes from feeding on the divine frequencies of the Word of God.

If your search for significance and need for acceptance is so great that you’re afraid to speak faith, you will be in lack and need your entire life. 

BREAKOUT! Repent for receiving fear! Fill your eyes, ears, and mouth with Gods words! Worship and praise with wild abandon! Don’t be caught in the trap of time consciousness!

Fear is time-dependent! Above all, don’t compare yourself to anyone else! If you do, you will never have a positive result!  God has a “one of a kind” destiny for your life!


You have everything to gain!

Be finished with FEAR, ONCE AND FOR ALL!


-Len Mink


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